Melanie Moyer is a writer currently living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh with a BA in Creative Writing and an MLIS. Her short stories and essays have been published in the University of Pittsburgh publication The Original as well as the literary journals Ghost Parachute, Meat for Tea, Prometheus Dreaming, and A Woman is a Cinema. She’s a regular entertainment and pop-culture contributor to POPSUGAR. She was selected to the Shortlist for The Masters Review 2019 Flash Fiction Competition, awaiting final placement by author and professor Kathy Fish. Her debut novel The Rules of Me was published through Waterton Publishing in 2018 and was optioned for a webseries in 2019.

When not working on projects or at her day job as an advertising copywriter, she enjoys video games, rounds of D&D with friends, talking about horror films on her podcast Splatter Chatter, golfing, and making pizza.